I’m sitting here on my girlfriend’s bed at 3:45 am, 2,000 miles away from Virginia trying to come up with last minute gift idea’s for my dad. A new gun? A knife? Shoes? Clothes? What do you get for the man who has it all? I decided to write this article to give you guys last minute gift idea’s and what’s on my Christmas list this year!

Half Face Blades

Andy over at Half Face Blades makes some of the best blades I’ve ever worked with. HFB makes something for anyone and everyone – from chef to mom to hunter to operator, they make a blade or hatchet for every job. Their blades are all built by hand, in-house, by a great group of people. It’s funny how big factories make a bunch of mediocre knives in a big industrial warehouse but a “hole in the wall” makes the BEST blades/hatchets I’ve ever worked with. Check out the Half Face Blades website for a last minute, but well worth it, Christmas gift! As Andy said in a text to me “How are you going to save Christmas this year? Lol”. Check out Half Face Blades here!
AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s

Altama Maritime Assault Shoes

Altama makes some badass and comfortable shoes. Want to be in with the newest trend and be an “operator”? Altama has you covered! I prefer the Mid’s and have them in tan, but the black Multicam is sweet! Check out Altama here on their website!

AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s

Gatorz Eyewear

Gatorz man. Say man, do you have a pair of Gatorz? No? Well it’d be a lot cooler if you did *Matthew McConaughey Voice* 

Gatorz are hands down the best shades I’ve ever worn. Durable and comfortable, and they look cool as well. Not to mention you can pre order the black multicam and that can be your excuse as to why your special someone in your life doesn’t have them yet (they’re dropping in January I believe). Go ahead and get your significant other or children a pair of Gatorz here!

AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s

Vortex Optics UH-1 Huey

Vortex is amazing and the UH-1 lives up to the Vortex name. It’s a dead giveaway as to why this is on my Christmas list (even though I already have one, but one is better than none and 2 is better than one.) Vortex really changed the game with the UH-1 and it is hands down taken over the tactical game. From hog hunting to real world operations.. this is a badass holograph! You can check out the UH-1 here. 

AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s

Breach Pen

What’s cooler than being able to break a chain with a pair of bolt cutters? Burning a chain at a couple thousand degree’s. Getting Breachpen certified and owning a Breachpen is an awesome gift for that special someone. Check out Breachpen’s website here.

AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s

Shotstop Ballistic’s LLC

Shotstop is an incredible company who really stands behind their product. From real world operations to being with the family, they make ballistic plates for every scenario. The backpack inserts really are next level and Shotstop can make custom plate sizes depending on whatever size backpack you have. Check out Shotstop Ballistics here!

AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s

Burly Boy Beard Co.

Burly Boy is my go-to choice in beard products. Used by those in active duty Mil/LEO, it is the go-to choice of many professionals. It is hands down my favorite brand of “Beard Butter”. I personally use the “Castro”. Made with Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Orange Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Cinnamon Oil, it keeps the beard looking good, feeling soft, and its made with 100% organic products right here in the good ol U.S. of A! Check out Burly Boy Beard Co. here!

AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s

Last but not least the Truly Innovations EDC shirt

A dress shirt with a built in holster? I’m sold. A great shirt for those men in your life who don’t want to go full operator but still want to feel full operator. A great way to conceal carry and a great way to look sharp! Check out Truly Innovations here!

AJ’s Christmas List: Last minute gift idea’s


That’s what is on my list this year! Share in the comments below of what’s on your list.