Kalashnikov USA announced the introduction of the AK Alpha rifle to the US market. The new gun uses an AK-style action, but upgrades the platform to provide a rifle with more modern features and utility.

A quick glance at the rifle will tell the average gun enthusiast that this rifle is not a plain WASR. In fact, nearly everything looks like it has been touched in the modernizing process. According to the company, the rifle was designed with input from a select group of Israel Defense Force (IDF) snipers. I hope that means that the gun is easier to run without sacrificing any of the platform’s reliability.

Two models will be available: the AKL with a 16.338″ barrel and the AKS with a 12.362″ barrel.

(image courtesy of gunsholstersandgesr.com)
(image courtesy of gunsholstersandgesr.com)

The guns are chambered in the iconic AK cartridge: the 7.62×39. As one would hope, the guns are fed by standard AK magazines, so all of the surplus feeders, plus the newer US Palm and Magpul mags should all run in these rifles. The magazine catch lever is in the same spot, though the catch has been upgraded.

The bolt can be run from the right or left side of the gun. Although Kalashnikov USA claims the charging handle is ambidextrous, it appears to be swappable from side to side.
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(Featured image courtesy of caagearup.com)