When you intend to conceal a pistol, you need a holster that can accomplish a few things. It needs to securely and safely hold your pistol, hide it well with minimal printing, be durable enough for extended and rough usage, be comfortable to wear all day, stay put so your draw is consistent, and it needs to be affordable. The Hybrid holster seems to be the best way to go about these tasks. There are few holster companies that make inexpensive hybrid holsters that can cloak your pistol under light garments, though. Alien gear seems to be one of those companies that I have found that offer a good inventory of IWB(inside the waistband) holsters that match all the above requirements

Alien Gear has a small selection of specific items like a couple of different types of IWB and OWB holsters. They also offer a couple of other cool pieces of gear that you may be interested in as well. When you get your Alien Gear Holster, mine being the Cloak Tuck IWB, you get the Holster and a plastic accessory bag full of stuff pertaining to your new holster. A manual, a liability disclaimer, their Triple Guarantee card(more on that later), extra parts for modifications, and a sticker to show off to your friends.

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I got a holster for my CZ P-07 and another one for my Lionheart LH9, which is the S&W 5906 holster. They have a shell for almost every gun you could think of in their selection such as the Caracal, all the pistols in the Steyr lineup, the Walther PPX, and many others that people think no one makes holsters for. This kind of selection can be quite difficult to find in holster companies today. The list is very long and alphabetized to make it easier to find the gun your wanting a holster for.Their site makes it easy to either select your holster first and then your gun, or to do a search by you specific gun, which i would recommend to save time.


Alien Gear holsters are made with extraordinary care and precision. The leather is firm when you first get it, with a clean finish and is about .18″ thick weighing in at 10-12 oz. The shell is a really well constructed and rigid Kydex without much flex. They take pride in how they beat the standard thickness by using .1″ thickness on their Kydex for better rigidity. The clips are either the original high strength nylon or a generous list of different clips such as metal clips, C clips, J clips, etc. The holster has 3 clip holes where you can adjust your carry height and cant to whatever your comfort level is. The holster comes setup with a 15 degree cant, also known as the “FBI cant”. The holster was designed so that you can easily adjust the tension on the kydex with an Allen key that they provide on the back of the green modification block. It seems that each component was built to exceed the current market standard and I feel like they did just that. Also, all of their components are made right here is America.


I selected the two holster combo which gives you two holsters of your choosing and it saves you a bit of cash. I ordered two of the original Cloak Tuck IWB holsters and it only cost me around $50 whereas it would have cost me $60($30 each) without selecting the combo. Even without the combo deal, these holsters are extremely well priced considering their construction and how much comes with it. Usually this kind of holster will run you about $40-$110 and with most likely have less selection.


Customer service has been a huge thing for me in recent years. My wife can attest to the fact that I break things constantly and I am not gentle with my gear. The Triple Guarantee that Alien Gear offers every customer is huge and definitely a sign of how serious they are about providing the best service possible. They take their product seriously and aim to satisfy their customers with a lifetime of quality service. This is the kind of thing you rarely see from other holster manufacturers. Alien Gear has a 30 Day policy where they will buy your holster(s) back from you if you are not completely satisfied with it. They also offer free shell trades for life at any time. Instead of having to buy each and every shell or a new holster, you can just trade them your current shell for the shell of the gun you are wanting to carry next. For you seasonal guys who carry a different gun every season, this is a killer deal. But for about $13, you can buy the shell of another gun you want, instead of waiting and trading. And last but not least, they will repair or replace any part on your holster that gets broken, for free. This is an amazing deal and evidence of the quality of their product.


When a company offers you deals this big, it would be a good idea to take them. I have found that my Cloak Tuck IWB holster conceals better than any other holster I have tried before. It also stays right where i want it. I am able to carry my CZ P-07 and Lionheart LH9 under a T-shirt and they are completely cloaked with absolutely no printing. If you are looking for a carry holster, look no further because you will be wasting your time and energy. With the huge selection, high quality, the low price, and their excellent customer service, you will not find another deal like this on the planet.

by David Donchess

David Served in the USMC, deployed twice and got wounded. Retired and moved to Alaska. Has a passion for reviewing and testing guns and gear of all kinds. Enjoys working to dispel myths and show that you can train and practice in a realistic, safe, and practical way.

Adjustable ride height, cant and retention
Sweat-wicking, breathable neoprene backing
Custom-molded retention shell for superior fit
Lifetime warranty and 30 day trial period
Made with pride in the USA