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ALL NEW from Heizer!! Or Is It?
Tamara Keel

So, there’s a corner of the first floor display area at SHOT Show where you’re in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Well, not really, but you’re far away from the glitz of the huge displays upstairs, where the big name brands and giant wholesalers hawk their wares in brightly lit pavilions the size of fast food restaurants.

Downstairs the booths are the size of, well, booths. Some companies have multiple contiguous display booths for their wares, but there are several aisles of these smaller firearms and accessories companies, enough that you could burn an afternoon on a detailed perusal of their offerings.

As I got toward the end of one aisle, I noticed the signage in the booth ahead was for Heizer, the company that makes those funky derringers and…hello! What was this? A semiauto pistol? Something about it looked familiar and, as I reached out to examine one of the display guns, a very animated and enthusiastic salesdude launched into his spiel…

“It’s revolutionary! It has a very low bore axis because the recoil spring is above the barrel!”

I started to turn the display gun over in my hand…

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