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Alliant Powder has announced the release of its new clean-burning Sport Pistol powder for precision and action shooters.

The Alliant Sport Pistol powder provides reliable cycling, charging and case fill, not to mention ballistics that lend themselves to a number of popular loads.

According to the press release, Alliant Sport Pistol powder also delivers precise performance with all bullet types, but it’s optimized for polymer-coated bullets thanks to the low muzzle flash formulation. Other double-base powders dissolve the polymer coatings at the bullet case, exposing the lead to vaporization due to the intense heat during the ballistic cycle.

The medium-fast burning Alliant Sport Pistol powder is also temperature stable, so you don’t have to worry about velocity deviation during season shooting competitions.

Shipments of the new powder are now being delivered to dealers. MSRP for the 1-pound version is $27.25, while the 4-pound and 8-pound versions retail for $99.70 and $184.75, respectively.


Features & Benefits
• Clean-burning formulation
• Versatile ballistics
• Great temperature stability
• Excellent charging and case fill
• Low muzzle flash
• Optimized for polymer-coated bullets
• Made in the U.S.A.

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Photo courtesy of Alliant Powder