Let’s just start off and say this bag looks cool. Does it look cool? Yes it does. This bag made by ALMS NYC is touted as the only expandable capacity, waterproof tail bag designed specifically for city riders.

The company put a lot of years of R&D into this bag in order to pursue their dream of making the perfect motorcycle luggage. The bag has a simple storage solution with expandable features. It includes an adjustable exterior cargo net. It compresses down to a packable size. Check them out on Kickstarter.

REMOVABLE MIL-SPEC CARGO NET – Metal G-hook attachment system is completely removable and adjustable.

ALMS 12L motorcycle tail bag

CARGO NET CAPACITY – allows for a variety of commuting essentials, from water bottles to outerwear. Adjustability adds up to 25% more capacity.

PACKABLE DESIGN – Rolls down to a quarter of its size, and clips closed with release buckles. The YKK release buckles are specifically designed with a flexible form which makes it durable and resistant to breakage.

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