DMOS is an acronym for “Do My Own Shit”. Or Stunts, Shoveling or maybe even Stuff. It matters not what your “S” stands for. What matters, is that the Alpha 2 Shovel, along with all the products from the DMOS Collective, will not let you down in a pinch. Most snow shovels have become nothing more than cheap disposable implements over the years. With companies putting more emphasis on profits, and less on quality, it’s becoming harder and harder to find those bombproof items. The ones you can count on working when you need it most. Fortunately, there are still a few smaller companies that care about the end user.

Alpha 2

The DMOS Collective was born in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming. To produce a durable tool for the snowboarder or skier looking to build and groom jumps and kickers. Back in my youth, skiers were discouraged from building jumps. The Ski Patrol would wreck our hard work and chase us off the hill. Threatening to clip our lift ticket. Fortunately, the outlaw days of covert jump building are over. The advent of snowboarding has forced ski resorts to completely change their way of thinking. Now they spend millions of dollars building half pipes and terrain parks for us to use. For the more adventurous rider, backcountry terrain is where it’s at. Big air in the backcountry may need some help with a kicker. Making a packable shovel a key piece of equipment.

Alpha 2 Video Review

The Alpha 2 Shovel from the DMOS Collective is much more than just a shovel. Designed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and manufactured in Portland, Oregon. This is a product built proudly in the USA. The Alpha 2 utilizes high-quality T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum for both the blade and shaft. A sturdy material that won’t break,  rust or bend. Featuring an adjustable 3 position handle that extends to 39.5″, 51.5″ and finally 61.5″. Suitable for riders of all heights. Additionally, it’s long enough for me to reach under my full sized truck. And the main reason the Alpha 2 will be part of my Overland loadout in the summer months as well.

Alpha 2 Features:

  1. Ergonomic, full-sized shaft won’t hurt your back
  2. 61.5″ of leverage for powerful shoveling
  3. Telescoping, indexed locking shaft adjustable to three lengths 61.5″, 51.5″ and 39.5″
  4. Durable, powdercoat finish
  5. Twice as thick as an avalanche shovel
  6. Oversized blade efficiently moves any material
  7. Teeth break up rough terrain + ice
  8. MSRP $139
Alpha 2
Overland capable

Available in both serrated and smooth edges, there is an Alpha 2 for all occasions. If you plan on shoveling a composite or cedar deck, I highly recommend looking into the Alpha 2S. In my case, I need something capable of breaking up ice in the winter as well as hard packed dirt in the summer. So the serrated edge fit the bill for me. Also available is a smaller Stealth shovel for even more portability. Perfect in a backpack or storage in the trunk of a smaller vehicle. I may need to add one for my VW Golf R. As Northern Michigan continues to get rocked with snow and ice, I’m glad I finally have my Alpha 2 Shovel. Despite the irony of UPS not being able to deliver due to adverse winter conditions.

Alpha 2