Alumagrips has recently unveiled their new CZ 75 grips and as a tactical hipster, I own several CZs. CZs are great guns, but the cheap plastic grips could certainly use an update. Alumagrips is currently offering three different types of grips for the CZ 75, smooth aluminum, Standard checkered with simple, precision cut checkering. The Deluxe checkering known as the CZ Tactical checkered is cut to give the grips a unique look that is both good looking and functional. The grips come in black anodized, clear anodized, and olive gray. I went with a set of Smooth CZ grips in olive gray.

Installation took a total of two minutes and my CZ went from plain to sexed up in an instant. The grips look fantastic. Even though I went with the simple, smooth grips I appreciated the precision applied to cutting and shaping the grips. The grips are thin and light and do not add any bulk to the awesome CZ 75 grip.

Alumagrips Hits us with CZ 75 grips

The olive gray and smooth appearance fit in very well with the all black CZ 75. It contrasts brilliantly and it gave my CZ 75 new life. The smooth cuts and perfect finish reek of quality and the simple aspect of the smooth grips is a subtle upgrade in the looks department.

New CZ 75 Grips in the Hand

The aluminum nature of the grips changing slightly how it feels to pick up the CZ 75. Instead of being met by checkered plastic your hand meets the cold feeling of aluminum. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just an entirely different feeling. It’s one I enjoy. An all metal gun with metal grips just feels right. In a world of plastic fanatics, there is something to say about the cold and hard feeling of steel in your hand.

Alumagrips Hits us with CZ 75 grips

My CZ 75 is a fun gun. It’s capable of being a good concealed carry gun, or a good home defense gun, but I have other guns for that purpose. If this gun was used for more demanding ventures I may have gone with the checkered CZ 75 grips for added grip. However, at the range the smooth grips never caused the gun to slip and slide. It didn’t feel like it was just going to come out of my hand.

A 9mm all metal gun isn’t recoiling that hard so checkering doesn’t make a really big difference. The Alumagrips for the CZ 75 are very comfortable and provide a nice round grip that fills the hand. The grips stayed put and never pinched, prodded or poked as I delivered some 115-grain breakfast to my steel popper.

Alumagrips Hits us with CZ 75 grips

Final Thoughts

The only thing I don’t like is the black screws that came with my CZ 75 polluting the awesome Olive gray grips. Alumagrips does warn that not all CZ 75s are built the same and some guns may require grip fitting. My CZ 75 is a current production model and the grips fit like a glove. If you need something to spice up your CZ Grips and want something sexier than rubber and tougher than wood Alumagrips has you covered. They also produce grips for the famed 1911 frame and a custom grip building tool on their website.