“I have always considered myself a student first. There are a few people who have had a profound influence on the way I have developed my own expression.
I have been focusing on a very specific methodology recently. Very specific skill set with a very unorthodox approach. It has been an interesting experience for me delving in to it. And I’m not at all proficient in it I have barely scratched the surface.
Like all methodology’s you must be careful with confusing one thing with another. Or combining something that you don’t really understand. Like chemistry, you first need to learn what elements do and how they react when combined. You can’t do this with out comprehensive training and experience.
My teachers Haroon and Nigel have shown me glimpses, outlines and basic foundations for what I can only describe as a full body method of transferring kinetic energy in to the point of a knife. Efficiently using space and mass to circumvent any efforts of defense or to deliver a weapon in to an opponent with intention.
I am the product of my environment, but my expression comes from the alphabet that my teachers have shown me. There is no one way to pronounce all forms of violence.
Let’s start by writing with the point and pronouncing with the body.” Ed ( Bonesman Notebook Entry)

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