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American Defense MFG Tavor Height Sights

Quick release scope mounts that work well on the Tavor are few and far between. The area you put your cheek on at the rear of the Tavor is at the same height as the scope rail. This poses a problem when trying to use regular height scope mount. You either need to have an odd shaped face (not that we’re judging you), or mash it at an odd angle in order to get a proper sight picture.

American Defense MFG Tavor Height Sights

Lucky for those of you rocking that Holy Land blaster, American Defense Manufacturing (ADM) has a solution that’ll obviate that problem. You don’t even have to be in the IDF to buy one — in fact, you’re better off buying one of these than what so many IDF troops are using.

American Defense MFG Tavor Height Sights

American Defense MFG, which as we reported just recently finished making waves at the OTOA Conference, makes two scopes that are Tavor height: the AD-RECON-H and the AD-RECON-PB-H. The 1.93″ height to center of the scope not only allows for proper cheek weld, it allows you to slap a PEQ unit on the top rail with worrying it’ll interfere with your optics.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear

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