Ammo Squared has been a staple in my shooting budget for more than a year.  If you’re familiar with any of the GBGuns testing you know that ammo variety can be key to finding what works best in each rifle or handgun.  From the , “What’s for Dinner?” test to rifle grouping it’s important to have a variety of bullet types, weights, and loads available if you really want to get the most performance out of your firearm.  Unfortunately finding such a wide variety isn’t easy in my home town unless I want to go to a specialty store and pay out the nose assuming I have time to drive out there.

My solution has been Ammo Squared.

The system is simple and brilliant.  You set a monthly budget per caliber and bullet type.  Match, frangible, defensive, range, you name it.  With some calibers you can even decide the specific projectile weight.  Each month your amount is tallied until you have a full box.  This also makes budgeting for ammo a lot easier.  Let’s say you opt for $100 per month.  You can set the shipment triggers such as monthly or __ amount of boxes.

Pricing beats big-box, but not quite as cheap as a bulk order of imports and that makes sense.  The good folks at Ammo Squared are keeping tabs, providing options, and giving you a chance to try out some loads you might not have otherwise known about.

Use the code, “GBGuns” to get free shipping on your first order.  I suggest making it count, ammo is heavy and shipping costs can be a deterrent for ordering online.

Is Ammo Squared the cheapest way to get ammo? No.  Does it let you set a budget and relax while your stockpile grows? Yes.  If you’re wanting to try something new, looking for a way to grow a stockpile, or appease your significant other by actually having a budget I recommend Ammo Squared.