*Editors notePhotos and article have been shared with the permission of AMTAC Shooting

What if you could only have one rifle?  What would it be?  What if you need the ability to engage very fast up close and then also shoot out to medium distance?  This is where is a Hybrid Carbine shines.

A Hybrid Carbine is a very accurate 16″ AR in 5.56 with a 1-6 or 1-8 variable power scope with mil hash marks and a daytime visible red dot.

Why the Hybrid Carbine?  This setup is about as close as it gets to the one rifle that will do it all.  It won’t do anything the best, but it will do a lot of things very well.  With this setup you can make all of your rifle standards at close and medium range, then you can dial the power up on your glass and shoot out to 600-700 yards.

AMTAC Shooting: The Best All Around Rifle, The Hybrid Carbine

Here is what my Hybrid Carbine looks like:

  • Forged mil-spec upper and lower (any reputable brand)
  • Proof Research 16 inch stainless/ carbon fiber barrel, 1/8 twist Wylde chamber
  • Midwest Industries keymod freefloat tube 12 or 15 in tube
  • Smith Vortex flash suppressor
  • Geilse SSA two stage trigger (or you can use a geisle G2S)
  • Hogue grip
  • Magpul CTR stock
  • Magpul back up sights
  • Vortex Razor HDII 1-6 Mil reticle (any good 1-6 or 1-8 with mil or minute hash marks and a daytime visible red dot will work)
  • Vortex/ Bobro QD cantaliever mount
  • Arisaka keymod flashlight mounted between 9 and 12
  • V-Tac sling (the one with no padding)
  • 77 gr Black Hills Ammunition