I’m really tired of ammo cans and how awkward they are. I’ve been trying to find an alternative that will take up less space and won’t have as much wasted space. I know there’s a ton of companies that make up bags specific to shooting sports and holding ammo. But I wanted to see if I can find something that was cheaper and could hold more than most of those bags.

What I came up with was using a tacti-cool Nalgene bottle holder from Amazon. It hits all of my high notes – it holds 700 rounds, I can attach to the outside of my pack if I want and it leaves no wasted space. Ammo cans stay the same shape and take up a ton a room and isn’t necessarily a space saver. As ammo is taken out of this bag it will flatten out and fit better into my range bag.

The construction of the bag is very good there’s no loose stitching, no weak points and the zipper is strong. The attachment points are well thought-out and the D rings are a nice touch because it allows you to clip it anywhere you want. I do wish there were metal but the plastic seems sturdy enough as long as you don’t overdo it.  If they break I will add metal D-rings to the taps where the plastic ones currently sit. It will attach to the wedding systems on your tactical range bags that you have and the webbing around the ammo bag allows you to attach extra magazines or maybe a cleaning kit to the outside of it.

The companies who make very nice ammo bags have materials superior to this bag, however, they cost 2 to 3 times as much and if I can get a couple of years of use out of this bag it’s definitely worth it to me to continue to buy these. For the price of one name brand ammo bag, I can take two or three of these to the range, one of 9MM, one of 45ACP and one of  223. This bag will also hold a couple hundred more rounds than most of those name brand bags.

Another bonus is if I have multiple calibers I can throw three or four of these into my range bag and they don’t take up as much room. Unlike trying to keep calibers in their separate ammo cans and trying to figure out how to carry them all these bags keep me organized without the bulk and wasted space.

Although the bag may not be as nice, or as sturdy as some of the canvas bags out there, this one does the job. It holds 700+ rounds, it’s well made and it saves room in my bag that ammo cans waste. The bags are cheap enough that I can buy a handful of them and organize my ammo for each range trip.

I will be buying more and will be using these as my go-to ammo bags for competition.  I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Scott has been shooting for over 15 years, jumping head first into the weekend competition world only recently. Due to his OCD tendencies, he can’t leave anything alone, is constantly tweaking gear and equipment and is always on a quest for that perfect hand load. In his spare time, he reviews equipment for his blog HooksandAmmo.com