Loadout on the 2nd Lebanon War.

I was a reservist during the 2nd Lebanon War. As opposed to the majority of the reservists, my unit was drafted on the 3rd day of the war. We were part of a sniper unit that provides precision fire support to different SOF. We were attached during to war to different units, including Egoz during Maroun ar-Ras and Golani and Tzanhanim during Bint Jbel.

We had the standard load out:

– Vest with M4 magazines
– 6 Frag grenades
– 2 canteens
– 1 helmet
– 1 pair of NODs
– 1 personal radio
– M4
– M24
– SR-25

We also had

– 1 SOG knife
– Freqs
– camera and other recon equipment.

The pictures show the standard equipment and several shots taken in different locations during the war.