KnifeNews is pleased to announce that starting tomorrow we’ll be counting down the Top 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017. In 2015, we published the Top 25 Knife Brands and last year the Top 25 Indispensable Pocket Knives. Given the popularity of the daily countdowns, we wanted to keep the annual July/August tradition rolling. But this time, rather than survey knife enthusiasts, we turned to our friends at to find out what blades are best sellers in 2017.

It’s not unusual for an industry’s leading publication to report best seller lists. The challenge for KnifeNews was how to gain access to data that would provide a valid representation of the industry’s sales. So we were thrilled that decided to collaborate on the countdown. The Virginia-based dealer stocks the largest catalog of cutlery in the world. From budget blades to high-end customs and everything in between, you’ll be hard pressed to find a knife that they don’t sell. They also have the most diverse customer base, which includes knife enthusiasts, sportsmen, first responders, military personnel and collectors and users of all stripes.

The Top 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017 will encompass a variety of non-kitchen cutlery including balisongs, fixed blades, multitools, and folding knives at price points that range from $20 into the hundreds. The ranking is based on the rate of dollar sales per day in 2017, also known as dollar sales velocity.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News