With the rise of consumer drones, everyone from the US military to Border Patrol are stocking up on anti-drone guns. And the Navy Timeshas a new video of the most sci-fi looking drone gun: Battelle’s DroneDefender. While they’re not available yet commercially, they’re definitely the future of shooting down your neighbor’s pesky drone.

The DroneDefender is designed to jam electromagnetic waves, causing the drone pilot on the ground to lose control of their UAV. And with a range of about 400 meters (roughly four football fields), it can even reach your neighbors on the other side of the tracks.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense reportedly already have about 100 of these things. But the DroneDefender will no doubt face plenty of resistance when it comes to being commercially available to the public—most especially from the FCC.

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(Featured image courtesy of gizmodo.com)