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The AR is one of the easiest rifles to customize, and there are literally tons of aftermarket parts to choose from. Even though an AR is inherently an accurate weapon, there a few tweaks you can make to transform the rifle from a really good weapon to a really fantastic weapon. So, I took a look at four different categories for AR Accessories that can boost accuracy: optics, triggers, handguards and barrels.

These four areas are fairly easy to upgrade because, like many of us, I’m a big fan of instant gratification. I’ve also ordered these categories from the easiest to the most difficult—not that swapping an AR barrel takes a degree in mechanical engineering, but it’ll still take some time. Of course, new stocks, grips and compensators can make your rifle easier to shoot, and you’ll also see a difference in your shooting accuracy with those upgrades, but I like to tackle accuracy head on. Scroll through the gallery above to learn more about some quick upgrades for your favorite AR-platform rifles.


AR Accessories: 16 Optics, Triggers, Handguards & Barrels For Your Rifle
TruGlo Tru-Brite 30: An economic scope will do the job more often than not, and the Tru-Brite 30 compact rifle series includes 1-4x24mm and 1-6x24mm models that feature illuminated reticles and two pre-calibrated BDC turrets for .223 Remington and .308 Winchester ammo. I’ve used the 1-4x24mm model with great success and good accuracy over the past few months.

Installing an optic requires minimal effort and can be accomplished with tools you probably already have on hand. There is no black magic to installing a scope or red dot. Just make sure that the mount is tightly attached to your AR and the rings around the scope are secure. There’s no need to gorilla the screws—just use blue Loctite #242, which will help your scope maintain its zero in spite of recoil.

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