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AR Side Folders That Really Work: Dead Foot’s Dual Spring Bufferless Modified Cycle System

by Mark Miller May 20, 2018
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AR Side Folders That Really Work: Dead Foot’s Dual Spring Bufferless Modified Cycle System

The dream of an effective side folding stock AR has been realized.  The Dead Foot Arms (DFA) Modified Cycle System (MCS) converts your standard AR15 into a side folding stock rifle reducing the overall length of a rifle with a 16 inch barrel to 26.5 inches. Proprietary dual spring technology reduces felt recoil and virtually eliminates bolt bounce.

I found the MCS easy to install and use. Several hundred rounds of range work proved the action reliable and felt recoil was reduced allowing rapid follow up shots. As advertised, the rifle shoots with the stock open or folded. This is a great modification for anyone working around vehicles. Easy to carry and store, the MCS shoots a little softer and runs all day long.

How do they do it? The MCS includes: a modified bolt carrier group, recoil springs, and folding stock adapter kit. The adapter accepts any milspec butt stock and provides positive retention when the stock is folded. I recommend using the DFA T-Rex stock to get the most out of your MCS. With a simple swing of the butt stock the adapter ensures a solid lock up in the deployed position.I hate stocks that move (Looking at you MP-5) and this one is hard as granite.


The MCS was specifically designed to allow full access to the AR controls. There is ample access to the trigger, forward assist and the ejection port. I am an advocate of dual mags for certain environments and I am happy to say that the excellent ETS dual mags work perfectly with the MCS.

The Modified Cycle System changes only the lower receiver and the bolt carrier. This allows the use of any upper receiver of any caliber and any barrel length combination without changing the zero. As a bonus feature, the converted rifle can fire multiple rounds with the stock is folded.

16″ Barrel- OAL 26.5″

14.5″ Barrel- OAL 24.85″

10″ Barrel- OAL 20.5″

6″ Barrel- OAL 16.5″

I used the DFA T-Rex Five Position Collapse-able Stock on my build. Lightweight and minimalist, it allows you to maintain your preferred length with the MCS adapter. The best feature on the T-Rex is the quick pull out deployment. It locks against recoil pushing back but the locking pins are sloped so that you can pull it out and deploy it without hitting a release. Simply pop the stock open and pull the butt to exactly where you want it. To collapse, push in the locking button.

The T-Rex Stock does not work with a conventional buffer system. It can be equipped to AK’s or piston driven rifles where the action does not extend into the receiver extension. The intent of the design was to offer a minimalist, lightweight, and telescoping stock option which allows for fast adjustment and accommodates a short length of pull.

Dead Foot Arms folding stock | Fire when folded

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The MCS is certified as compatible with 5.56, 300 Blackout and 7.62X39. Testing for compatibility with other calibers such as 6.5 GRENDAL, .308, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf is ongoing.  Check with Dead Foot for availability.

There is also a 9mm version perfect for AR pistols. The Modified Cycle System also accepts pistol arm brace and is ideal to make short guns even shorter.

The MCS can be modified to work with some piston driven ARs. Contact Dead Foot for compatibility and information on their bolt modification program. It is compatible with legal full auto rifles and is available in both right and left folding models.

Installation is a breeze. Assembly was very intuitive. I did it in less than 15 minutes with a Wheeler Engineering Delta Armorers Kit. It passed the functions check first time through and ran well at the range with a variety of ammo.

The Dead Foot Arms Modified Cycling System includes a complete Bolt Carrier Group and right side folding Dead Foot Arms stock adapter for .223/5.56. Get it now!     $425.00

About Dead Foot in their own words:

All of our components and products are manufactured here in the USA (most locally in Madison, WI), to include our apparel. We pride ourselves on offering only American made goods and we will never outsource anything we sell.

The company namesake “Dead Foot”, is a World War II Veteran and the grandfather of our CEO, Ted Schumacher. He developed a medical condition later in life that caused his foot to turn black, however, he lived with the condition for a couple years before he actually told anyone. He did want to trouble anyone with the pain he was experiencing. He eventually had the leg amputated and it was replaced with a prosthetic that he was very proud of. The company is named in his honor. Dead Foot Arms is 100% Veteran Owned an Operated.

We have 6 team members, with over 75 combined years of military service, 9 combat tours, and over 40 years serving in the US Army Infantry. Ted Schumacher, DFA Founder, came up with the concept of the MCS in 2009 while serving in Iraq. He met the other members of the team in 2011 when they were all serving in the same unit within the Wisconsin Army National Guard. The first prototypes of the MCS were developed in early 2012 and the company was officially founded in 2013. The first Dead Foot Arms MCS units were unveiled at Show Show 2016, with the first orders fulfilled in May 2016.

Photos courtesy of Dead Foot Arms

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