If you’ve ever had an AR-style rifle and tried taking your time during a precision shot, then you know the value of a smooth trigger pull. Generally speaking, the stock trigger on an AR-15 is garbage. I’ve had the same stock mil-spec style trigger in my CMMG lower receiver for years and have always hated the gritty, rough feeling of it. Even during zeroing an optic, while applying a steady trigger pull, the trigger would move rearward in uneven increments. After switching it out for the ALG Defense ACT trigger, I can’t understand why it took me so long to get rid of the garbage stock trigger. Priced at about $70 on Brownells, it’s worth the mid-range cost. You could end up spending upwards of $100 on a trigger, but then you’re talking about splitting hairs, in my opinion. It’s very similar to a mil-spec style trigger, but is sharper and eliminates that agonizing gritty feeling. It’s nickel-teflon and nickel-boron processed, the sears have been polished and have a permanently lubricated surface. This all adds up to a significantly smoother trigger for both rapid shooting drills and precision shots.

An AR trigger upgrade: The ALG-Defense Advanced Combat Trigger

Here’s what you get with the ALG-Defense Advanced Combat Trigger:

  • Replacement Hammer
  • Replacement Hammer springs (x2)
  • Replacement Disconnector and spring
  • Replacement Trigger
  • Replacement trigger and hammer pins

The package comes with two hammer springs so you have two options as far as trigger pull weight goes. The one that is not attached to the hammer is advertised as “not lower than M4/M16 minimum weight of 5.5lbs.” ALG Defense claims that generally, the pull weight is 6lbs. If you are used to a heavier trigger pull or want that heavier trigger pull for safety reasons, then you’ll want to leave this one on. The spring that comes attached to the hammer is purple-colored and is claimed to have an approximate pull weight of 4.5 lbs. I opted for this since I prefer a lighter trigger pull especially for precision shots. Unfortunately, I don’t own a trigger weight gauge so I was not able to test the accuracy of ALG Defense’s claims, but the purple colored trigger feels significantly lighter and just right for this user.

4.5lb Hammer spring

Installation was very simple, with the only tools really needed is a punch and a hammer or mallet. The package came with easy-to-follow installation instructions and a helpful blown-up parts diagram to aid in the ease of installation. Just be sure if you do end up replacing your trigger, keep the spring tension in mind. You don’t want small parts flying across the room.

To wrap this up, I’ll simply say that if you’re looking to upgrade your stock, mil-spec trigger without breaking the bank, then the ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger is the best bang for your buck. The only cons I can think of getting this trigger is if you want a pull weight lighter than 4.5lbs, or if you want a straight-trigger, then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Author – Brian Patterson is a current Army Medic and former Marine. In his off-time he enjoys shooting guns, modifying them, and learning new skills.