A couple of months ago I mentioned on Special Forces Preppers that I was building an AR10 platform rifle to upgrade to the .308 cartridge.  That project is now finished, although I am still working up loads for it.

I feel it may be helpful to head off the “….but what about….?” replies by running through a short discussion of my criteria for building this particular rifle.  The most important criterion was for a rifle that could function as the primary armament for a squad designated marksman, while retaining some tactical utility.  As such, it needed to stay short and light enough to at least be usable in tactical situations, while still having sufficient power at extended range to be effective at +500 yards versus the standard carbine armament, or around 800 yards overall.  I felt that a mid-length AR10 in .308 Win was the best platform to build such a “compromise” on.

And…. the finished product.


So let’s get right to it, from back to front:

Stock:  Magpul PRS.  Stock options on the .308 platform are not wide, and although it’s a little heavy, it’s not heavy enough to unbalance the rifle.  The ability to maintain a solid, consistent cheek weld with optics that are fairly high above the bore (compared to bolt guns) put this stock over the top for me.

Buffer Spring:  I have to mention this separately because no, I don’t just use a stock spring, and yes, there is a very good reason why.  David Tubb’s CS springs are awesome for many applications but possibly nowhere are they more useful than on an AR platform.  For every reason you would use one on an AR15, it’s doubly important on an AR10 just because the volume of gas is so much greater.

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