We here at Loadoutroom.com love our guns, armor and gear.  We love using them, testing them, reading about them and writing about them.  When we’re not doing all that, we’re watching funny videos online about people using them, testing them, et cetera.  While FPSRussia was once the heavyweight champion of gun channels, sad events laid the channel low.  While we wait to see if more fortunate events can bring it back in some fashion, their old videos are always worth revisiting.

While doing a little brushing up on the various material compositions and makeups of modern bullet repellants, I came across this video from 2015.  In it, the channel’s “Russian” host (Kyle) walks us through an impressive litany of abuses against a Level IIIA soft armor set and (presumably, as he doesn’t specify) a Level III plate armor set.  They take a considerable number of rounds from a variety of weaponry.

-Rex Nanorum