I was initially going to review the Bravo personally but a week after receiving the jacket I signed an exclusive with Massif so I wanted to make sure the jacket got a fair unbiased review. That said, I did wear it for a week and fucking loved it. I had a hard time letting it go!

I ended up letting my friend Alex review the jacket. He’s a sponsored rider for Specialized and one of the IT industries top online Security Executives (think Google, FB, eBay, level, etc..)

From Alex:

Here’s what I love about the jacket: 1. Multi-panel athletic cut, easy to move in and use as a middle layer when it’s really cold. 2. It’s warm! 3. Super comfortable, especially when working out or traveling. 4. Stays strangely clean, and when washed dries almost instantly. Internal chest-pockets on both sides.  Disklikes: 1. Main front pockets are too high on torso and enormous!. 2. No internal audio cable routing. 3. Even cut hem tends to ride-up in back.

Here’s a review by our friends at Soldier Systems Daily.

Arc’Teryx LEAF site.

(Featured image courtesy of planktons.exblog.jp)