Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but with the Arcus Carabiner, you can have a thing of beauty that beholds other things, beautifully.

Where ordinary becomes extraordinary… Just because we use something every day, doesn’t mean it should look everyday. A defining piece of art and function, the Arcus Carabiner blends the ferocity of sharp edges with smooth body lines. Attainable luxury through forward thinking that fuses beauty & sophistication with ideal form and use.” – SVORN

This is the world’s most beautiful carabiner. That is a peculiar thing to say because a carabiner is just a metal loop made to hold things… A keychain implement.

“Just because we use something every day, doesn’t mean it should look everyday.” Wise words for we are an aesthetically valuing species. Svorn exists to make ordinary objects into the extraordinary.

They started with the Arcus, a marvelously unique carabiner that’s truly like no other.

It didn’t need to be encrusted with diamonds or made of precious metals to be the most handsome, pretty, elegant and sexy carabiner the world has ever seen.

Brilliant design and art took care of that utilizing a wonderful zinc alloy in a mesmerizing chrome noir finish. Making the Arcus reasonably and affordably priced.

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