The IcePlate is a freezable water bottle designed to fit between any body armor and base layer. It can cool you down or warm you up, hydrate you, and protect you. Built for hard use, IcePlate is over designed for improvised uses. Designed to sit close to your body IcePlate integrates seamlessly with your gear. It is made out of a flexible lightweight thermopolymer shell which absorbs impact and increases ballistic protection. By carrying water close against your body, you use less energy to carry the water. Giving you more energy for your activity.

I have used IcePlates in cold weather and hot weather as a shooter and as an instructor. In training they help you control your core temperature to maintain your cognitive abilities and learn effectively. Operationally, they can mitigate ambient temperatures and carry vital water in a convenient manner. Used in conjunction with armor plates, added ballistic protection is a bonus. Water is life.

IcePlate comes with an convenient drinking tube and Bite Valve that allows you to drink the ice cold water as it melts. Fill IcePlate with 50 ounces of water. Freeze IcePlate overnight. Wear IcePlate under your body armor for 3-4 hours (70+ watts per plate) of conductive + evaporative cooling and a full shift of hydration. As your body heat melts the ice in the container, you’ll have ice-cold water to drink.

The standard IcePlate uses readily available hydration system components. I have added an optional quick disconnect so that I don’t have two hoses flopping around. I can switch the same hose to the plate I want to drink from.

Armor Protection, Cooling, Warming and Hydration: Qore Performance's IcePlate Black
IcePlate Black side by side with the original IcePlate with optional Quick Disconect

Empty, the IcePlate weighs well under a pound at only 12 ounces per plate. IcePlate can hold over 50 ounces of water per plate, which is about 1.5 liters. In hot weather, with the cooling benefit, you won’t need nearly as much water to keep hydrated.

You can fill it with warm water in the colder months to keep warm! IcePlate also keeps you warmer than any product on the market. A stop at your local convenience store or coffee emporium can fill an IcePlate up with warm water or your favorite hot beverage to stay toasty for hours. IcePlate will accept hot liquids up to 250 degrees F, but Quore suggests you’ll be most comfortable filling it around 150F. I have used hot water, but am tempted to fill an IcePlate with hot chocolate next winter. I am sure it would cause cleaning problems but the morale boost in freezing weather would be worth it.

The new IcePlate Black has a great anti kink feature to keep you from pinching off your water. The quick disconect is standard and the bite valve is up graded and has a cover. I have lost water and soaked myself with failed valves on other systems. The cover prevents dirty, dusty, muddy, bloody bite valves. Nobody like that. New IcePlate Black Features:
Armor Protection, Cooling, Warming and Hydration: Qore Performance's IcePlate Black
Integrated Quick Disconnect
Armor Protection, Cooling, Warming and Hydration: Qore Performance's IcePlate Black
Anti-Kink Spring
Armor Protection, Cooling, Warming and Hydration: Qore Performance's IcePlate Black
Black Bite Valve and Optional Dust Cover Kit

By design, condensation from the IcePlate adds cool water to the outside layer of your shirt where it can evaporate easily, removing significant heat in the process to help you #StayFrosty and dry. Many users have reported being totally dry at the end of a shift. Quore recommends pairing IcePlate with moisture-wicking or hydrophobic base layers (like our Hydration Shirt) and shirts for maximum effectiveness.

In Hot Weather: Simply Fill IcePlate with 50 oz of water (about 90% full), lay it flat or upside down in your freezer overnight, then wear it over your shirt but under your kit for the most powerful cooling solution on the market.

For Cold Weather: Fill IcePlate with warm water (they recommend 135-150 degrees Fahrenheit) water, then wear it over your shirt but under your kit for extended cold weather comfort.


Unlike traditional hydration bladders, IcePlate is equipped with an Asymmetric Low Point Drain, ensuring you can finally drink 100% of the water you carry. Plus IcePlate stacks easily in a cooler so you can carry 30% more water in the same space – meaning huge transport cost savings for institutional mobilizations like disaster relief, war zone deployments or remote work site support.

Quore has tested the IcePlates in all kinds of crazy situations.  You can check out their YouTube Channel to see how they tested them — from dropping a frozen IcePlate off five story buildings to shooting it behind soft body armor. #CantBreakThePlate

Perhaps the best way to stay cool while wearing body armor, IcePlate combines cooling with hydration in a small light package. No other product on the market keeps you this cool and hydrated.

IcePlate Black is shipping now. You can get your very own IcePlateBlack HERE,

MSRP $ 65.00

Photos courtesy of Qore Performance