We have created a new landing page within the Loadout Room to contain all articles fitness and nutrition related. You can access this new page HERE. This new fitness and nutrition hub is sponsored by Ascent Protein. When it comes to your personal loadout, all the gear and weapons in the world may seem cool to have, but unless your fitness level is where it needs to be in order to employ those, they won’t serve you as well as they could. Fitness and nutrition are vital to your survival.

I had an instructor recently ask the question ‘what is your SOP for PT?’ What he was asking was when it comes to physical training what is your standard operating procedure. For him that meant being able to pick his family up and run them to safety, whether that was out of a burning building or from a random act of violence.

Would you be able to pick up your family members, run them to safety, and then be able to confidently and accurately employ your weapon?

If you’re looking for guidance on where to start, equipment to buy, and what nutrition supplements to use, then this is the place for you. Over time we will continue to add new content to the Art of Recovery page in order to equip our readers with accurate information and equipment reviews.


(featured image courtesy of Ascent Protein Twitter Page)