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The enemy combatant was behind a rock. I risked a quick look and saw the edge of his white and orange sneaker. His attention was to my left. I made a mental note and shook my weapon; the sound indicated it was about half full.

Manufactured by the Larami Corp., the motorized, late-1980s Uzi water pistol was a solid choice. It was reasonably durable with decent accuracy and range, and a solid rate of fire. The electronics made it a little heavier than the manually operated water guns at the time, but what it lacked in functionality it made up for in swagger.

Upon unboxing, I knew that this bringer of watery destruction needed customization. Something to say, “This is mine.” Something to strike fear into the hearts of my front-yard battlefield enemies. I went with a traditional olive drab spray paint with a light dusting of tan over some leaves for pattern. Next, I used model paints to add some stars and stripes across the foregrip, sealed with clear coat.

This is my rifle. There were many like it, but this one is mine.

I closed my eyes and breathed slowly, steeling myself for the run across the front yard. A heartbeat later, under the bright blue sky of youth, I let out a war cry and pushed forward around the gray trunk of the mulberry tree.

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Photo courtesy of Alex Landeen