The new TV series is based on the hit 2007 movie by the same title starring Mark Wahlberg, who is also the new series’s Executive Producer. “The SHOOTER production team did not want a non-functioning Hollywood prop,” said Matthew Peterson, Ashbury’s Product Development Coordinator. “It was important that the sniper rifle used in the TV series had modern, realistic character and be a fully functional ‘real-steel’ precision rifle system. The new signature SHOOTER TV series rifle needed to be based on a ‘commercially available’ factory rifle, built on the innovative SABER®-FORSST® modular rifle chassis system.” APO had just the answer…a SABER Enhanced Factory Rifle – SEFR!

The new SHOOTER TV series SEFR rifle built by the APO Custom Shop started out as a Savage 110 with a factory 26″ 1:9 twist barrel chambered for the powerful .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. The Savage bolt action receiver has been specially trued by the APOCS veteran US Marine Corps MOS 2112/2111 Gunsmithing/Armorer lead ordnance team. The barrel is topped off with a sleek, recoil reducing muzzle brake suppressor adapter. The Savage AccuTrigger is superb and the rifle is easily capable of turning in sub ¾ MOA groups or better, using RUAG Swiss-P 250gr Target OTM ammunition. This real-steel, range-ready APO precision rifle weighs in fully kitted at 18.5lbs!

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