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I’ve noticed that in some of your gear reviews you wear gloves in the product photography, which ones are they?” – FELIX D. (North Carolina, USA)


When I first started doing gear reviews on this site, I received what seemed like an email a week about this exact question from followers and readers.

And I still get this question once in a while.

I rotate 2 different pairs of gloves for these reviews (and for actual use). With all the interests on the gloves themselves, it made sense to actually review them as well.

So if you missed it, the gloves in question are:

ASK: What Gloves Are Those in Your Gear Reviews?
Giro Bravo LF Gloves
ASK: What Gloves Are Those in Your Gear Reviews?
PIG FTD Tactical Gloves

Photos and article courtesy of Vinjabond

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