Common everyday carry items include a wallet, keys, light, pistol and spare magazine, folding or fixed blade knife, and a variety of other items depending on the situation and person. One item that is becoming more common is a handcuff key. Small enough to be hidden in a pocket, belt, or secret pouch, it could be an invaluable tool if you found yourself in a kidnapping situation. Universal handcuff keys can be acquired cheaply and hidden virtually anywhere. If only those convenient little pests weren’t so easy to lose they might not become an afterthought for a lot of folks.

ASP’s solution is the ASP Edge utility tool, which includes two blades, a handcuff key, and a driver blade. Each tool is made from heat treated stainless steel with the handle made from aluminum. What makes this tool most unique is that it is the smallest folding knife of its kind to utilize a full serrated blade with a liner lock.

ASP Edge utility tool with handcuff key is an EDC all-star

The serrated blade was very sharp right out of the box and when open, the liner lock feels secure enough to use without fear of it slipping and slicing your finger. The pen blade was sharp out of the package but needed a better edge (for my taste). After I took care of that I felt it was definitely a useful little blade. The driver blade includes a function as a screwdriver and a file/scale. The tool also includes a split ring for securing it to a keychain if you prefer that over pocket storage.

Last but certainly not least, it has the back-set handcuff key. It can easily be located by touch alone and I did plenty of practice with it in various positions. I tried accessing it from the front and back pant pockets with my hands restrained using the ASP Ultra Cuffs in front and behind me. While some positions were obviously easier than others, I found that grabbing the Edge tool was a lot easier than a standalone handcuff key. With the added benefit of the blades, this is an incredibly useful tool.

The ASP Edge is light, durable, and useful in a variety of applications. After carrying it around for a few weeks, I’d generally forget it was even there because it has such a small footprint. Now I don’t leave home without it. At $27-$29 depending on the handle option, the ASP Edge is a great addition to an EDC kit particularly if you’re going to be traveling abroad.

* All photos courtesy of the author