The ASP P12 is the best and most compact (without loss of effectiveness) tactical expandable baton you can get for the money.

A pro member recently sought my advice on a singularly most ideal, real-world use self-defense weapon for a civilian in moderately dangerous urban environments.

Most Americans would think a gun would be best and the rest of the world would probably think a knife would be.

In regards to strictly personal defense on the street for a “normal” person with limited to no training, I would suggest the first type of weapon man has ever used, a club. An elongated impact striking blunt force instrument.

A bat, pipe, bo, kubaton or even just a sturdy stick. A tool anyone can instinctively use without training and with much less probability of causing fatal strikes but still having effective assailant stopping power.

And that is a very important factor with proper, lawful and civilized self-defense, to stop an assailant, not kill or harm beyond what’s necessary.

However, unlike a pistol or a knife, a blunt instrument has significantly less deterring capabilities from the mere sight of it. It’s just not visually as threatening.

So to be specific in my suggestion, a concealable EXPANDING baton would typically be best.

Because there is something profoundly alarming watching a small cylinder of dense metal protruding violently to triple its length with a commanding thunder when “activated” with obvious intent.

Done right, it can be potentially as deterring to an assailant as cocking a gun or firing an automatic knife.

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