The ASP T60 baton is the ultimate tactical duty item I have used on patrol. The ASP T60 Batonhas great durability and strength and when the baton is extended it is ideal for window breaks, jabs, and strikes. The ASP T60 can also be extended by pulling the tip with your hand, unlike the older models. The baton can be opened quietly at any time while on duty. The spring assisted retraction button is a great feature for the ASP T60 and it allows the baton to close very easy. This means you do not have to slam it on the ground to collapse it and risk breaking the retaining clip. Another great thing about the ASP T60 is the foam handle. I have recently used it in the rain and had no trouble opening the baton or closing it. The older model ASP baton that I have used in the past was very hard to keep in my hand when it was wet.

The older ASP that I have used made a lot of noise and was difficult to open or shut. The ASP T60 baton fits perfect in the scabbard holster and it does not rattle and make any noise when I walk or run. The ASP T60 baton is another great ASP product and I recommend it to everyone in Law Enforcement.

Author – My name is Adam Southern. I am a Deputy Sheriff in Claiborne County Tennessee. I have lived in Claiborne County all of my life and I have always wanted to be in law enforcement. I attended The Walters State regional law enforcement Academy in Greenville Tennessee. I  have been in Law Enforcement for almost five years now and I love the work that we do to better our community!