Let me start by acknowledging the obvious question – why would you want or need a pair of handcuffs if you aren’t a law enforcement professional? For starters, it is good to have a pair to practice shimming and picking to increase your proficiency with them in case you are ever illegally held against your will. If you’re part of a security team for a community organization such as your church, it is good to have at least one member on the team with a pair of handcuffs to potentially restrain a threat (when warranted) until law enforcement arrives. For some, it may be a desired piece of everyday carry kit to for your belt or in a pack. Whatever your reason it is important to pick out the right option in a market with many options.

ASP Ultra Cuffs are the result of feedback from law enforcement officers and instructors from around the world. Using 7075 T6 forged aluminum for the frame they have managed to produce an insanely strong yet light product. The cuffs feature replaceable/interchangeable Lock Sets, available in different security configurations. Keyways and color-indicated double-lock slots are located on both sides of the frame, so you don’t have to worry about facing the cuffs in a certain direction when applying them. Ultra Cuffs are available in chain, hinge and rigid models, as well as “Identifier” models, which are color-coded to distinguish equipment between operators, agencies or applications. Each pair of cuffs comes with one heat treated Pentagon handcuff key, compatible with virtually all standard handcuffs.

ASP Ultra Cuffs: useful restraints for any situation, pickable by only a select few

Primary Ultra Cuff specifications include:
• Length: 9.4″
• Width: 3.125″
• Weight: 9 ounces (with steel bow), 7 ounces (with aluminum bow)

The primary observation I made about the Ultra Cuffs is that ASP did a great job of balancing comfort and advanced design with strength, precision and high security. On that note: thanks to ASP’s Lock Set design and pawl configuration, if you’re looking to get a set of handcuffs to practice picking and shimming, these are not the ones for you.

ASP Ultra Cuffs: useful restraints for any situation, pickable by only a select few

I mention “comfort” as a standout feature because the rounded edges and flat contact surface of the Ultra Cuff significantly improve speed and accuracy of application and reduce risk of subject injury. While some might understandably not think subject comfort and safety is a concern, it is actually a significant safety and liability issue for law enforcement.

There are honestly so many detailed features on the ASP Ultra Cuffs that I am intentionally leaving most out and focusing on the ones I feel are unique because this article would otherwise be too lengthy. Bottom line – these cuffs are a serious option for EDC or security for law enforcement or ordinary citizens. If you’re looking for a junk set of cuffs to practice shimming these are not where you want to start. These are built for quick, precise and secure subject restraint and control, which also equates to officer/operator safety the core of ASP’s stated mission.

*All photos courtesy of the author