Being light and fast is my number 1 priority in gear – that’s why I will never have a bad thing to say about First Spear’s new Technical Field Shirt aka their take on a combat shirt. Combat shirts are one of my favorite parts of my gear. They have evolved so much in such a short time and First Spear, in my opinion, has taken the lead in the tactical clothing department. Their Technical Field Shirt is light, durable, flame and heat resistant, and it offers a great base for cold weather while keeping you cool on warmer days as well. They tailored the Field Shirt to fit the amphibious warrior as well as the land operator. 

The Asset Technical Field shirt is designed to be tight fitting while still offering no resistance in movements. If you have read my previous articles my biggest pet peeve is resistance in movement. I like to be agile and in my line of work you have to be which is why the Technical Field Shirt is becoming my everyday operational, hiking, and training shirt. It has the advantage that most combat oriented shirts don’t – durability while being lightweight – each sleeve weighs 3 oz while being made out of “Flame Resistant Rayon, P-Aramid, and nylon plain weave.”. 

The Technical Field shirt also features “Anti-Friction NanoGlide mesh underarms”. Chaffing is a pain in the ass. It’s uncomfortable and it’s a psychological disadvantage. First Spear designed this shirt to be antifriction to help the gunfighter in all aspects of his assault, house raid or maritime operation. It also has advanced moisture wicking anti-microbial properties – basically, it keeps you cool and warm while also keeping you dry.

Another great feature of the Technical Field shirt is that it is cut long in order to stay tucked in during any operation. Another pet peeve I have on operations is when my shirt comes untucked. It’s uncomfortable and going from boat to ship or climbing a jacobs ladder – there are a lot of moving parts that usually make my issued combat shirts become untucked. With an untucked shirt, you also have a greater chance of getting snagged on something and in the middle of a gunfight, you can’t hit the pause button to un-snag yourself like Call of Duty. 

The Technical Field Shirt comes in Black/Heather Grey for maritime/night operations as well as Sand colored. The Technical Field Shirt was just released on the First Spear website and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed by the durability (It’s made right here in the USA), design, and simple but often overlooked qualities I have been looking for in a combat shirt!