Australian knife maker Alistair Phillips has introduced a new model that incorporates Spyderco design features like the Spyderco Hole and the Compression Lock. Since its reveal, the new blade has received admiration from Spyderco fans and even caught the eye of Spyderco founder Sal Glesser himself.

The still-unnamed knife began as a slipjoint concept, but eventually evolved into a modern folder with a Compression Lock. Its blade shape is a modified sheepsfoot reminiscent of Spyderco classics like the Stretch or the Centofante 3.

On the surface, EDC seems like the obvious role for the knife, but Phillips’ folder was primarily designed to be a folding kitchen knife. “I wanted a knife that I could use to prepare fresh vegetables and fruit,” Phillips tells us. Phillips arrived at the blade length of 3.5” after testing out different cutting lengths with various produce. “I was planning to be able to cut straight through them without needing a secondary cut,” he says. Phillips settled on the increasingly popular RWL34 blade steel for its corrosion resistance.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News