Knife enthusiasts are known to use their own blades at restaurants. Whatever they have in their pocket or on their belt is almost guaranteed to be a better slicer than what they’ll find at their table. But that won’t be necessary at the new Lakehouse in Bellevue, Washington. Chef and Owner Jason Wilson teamed up with Bradford Knives to supply customers with high-end cutlery alongside their gourmet meals.

Wilson commissioned a special run of 100 Gatsby steak knives from Bradford, brought to the table for selected offerings on the Lakehouse menu. The Gatsby was Bradford’s first product before their highly-popular Guardian line. The idea behind it was to create a steak knife from premium knife materials. Patrons who fall under the spell of the high-end steak knives can also buy a set of their own at the restaurant. “The servers can tell the knives’ story to the patrons, and they can have an opportunity to take home a set for themselves,” explains Brad Larkin, Owner and Founder of Bradford Knives.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News