While attending the National Guard 2013 sniper competition this weekend and meeting up with some friends, I met up with Tony Burkes, the CEO of TAB Gear.  I’ve known Tony for some time know and have always loved the products he brings to the precision rifle community. I knew Tony had been in the works designing a sling for guys who shoot carbines and I was extremely eager to see the product.

The featured video shows Tony demonstrating how the sling works.  Here are my thoughts after seeing and manipulating the sling myself: (More video’s coming soon)


  • This is the type of product us guys over seas could use in a CQB environment, especially when performing a house search (SSE/sensitive site exploitation).  I hate having my carbine bang all over knees and scrapping the ground as you bend over.  This is where the TAB Gear sling helps out exponentially.
  • For the overseas contractor, this sling would almost be a necessity, especially those who are on a DOS contract performing diplomatic security.  Nothing feels better than being able to access your carbine or secondary at a moments notice without worrying about your carbine flopping around, everything stays nice and tight to your body.  If things go sour, you don’t have to worry about releasing a tab to access your weapon, etc., every second counts.
  • TAB Gear carbine slings are extremely affordable, coming in a $55.oo, fairly cheap considering its a one of a kind sling without all the bells and whistles others offer on the market.
  • Over 200,000 cycles were run on the sling and absolutely no wear and tear at all.
  • Most importantly, you gain time on your transitions from primary to secondary, as well as coming from a relaxed shooting stance, weapon slung, to presentation.

You can find more of their tactical gear at: http://tabgear.com/ or https://www.riflesonly.com/pro-shop/tactical-gear.html