Triggers matter. A better trigger can make a firearm much more shootable. In the case of the AR-15 it has a pretty good mil-spec trigger. Many companies have come to the market with excellent triggers that significantly improve upon the feel of the AR-15 trigger (Geissele or the Larue MBT for example). Axelson has come to the market with a 4.5lb Combat Trigger with an adjustable reset. So how does it stack up to other triggers?

Well, I want to point out that like any other review my time was limited. I have 1000 rounds on the trigger. In that time I’ve come to appreciate the feel and reset. Further long-term reviews need to be done to ascertain its ability to work reliably but initial impressions are excellent. The trigger is crisp and light. While it measures at a combat effective 4.5 lb pull it feels much lighter due to the minimal travel. The reset is what blows me away on this rifle. It’s very very short. This leads to quick and accurate follow-up shots. I compare this trigger favorably to other big companies in the trigger industry.

The unit is a “drop in trigger” meaning that the entire unit is installed at once. The unit itself installed easily into my aero precision lower. The trigger is a minimally curved trigger that feels like the missing link between a flat faced trigger and a traditional curved design. The hybrid feels good when getting into the gun. The parts themselves are nitride coated and are made from A2 tool steel. The trigger feels premium in every way and the workmanship is excellent.

If not readily apparent from the name, the company Axelson Tactical is a tribute from the family of Navy SEAL Matt Axelson who lost his life in defense of comrades and friends in Operation Red Wings. The company makes a variety of other components including complete AR-15 rifles. All components are well made including the trigger which bears Matt Axelson’s name. I doubt you will be sorry to have purchased in this trigger. Stay tuned in the future for more updates as I continue to sling rounds downrange with the Axelson AT-Combat trigger pack.

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Axelson AT Combat Trigger Pack