A week or so ago we took a quick look at the AXE 17 custom Glock. This time we are taking a quick look at the AXE 19 from Axelson Tactical. These guns are really well made and have an overall bad-ass appearance to them. These handguns are part of the Axelson Tactical tribute store which contains gear made in the memory of Matt Axelson who selflessly sacrificed during Operation Red Wings. The Glock 19 really is an ideal sized handgun for concealed carry that can easily reach out beyond 50 yards in trained hands. So what makes this particular Glock 19 stand out from a stock Glock 19? Lets take a look…

Axe 19 Custom Handgun Package (courtesy of axelsontactical.com)

•  Machined Custom Front Serrations and Press Check Point

•  Front Slide Bevel for quick re-holstering – This adds a nice touch to the slide. Although I’ve always been trained to look as I re-holster my sidearm. Why take the time to do that you ask? The only time I plan on holstering after I draw my weapon is after the threat/s are no longer threats. At that point I can take my time to holster my sidearm. just my 2 cents.

•  Ghost 3.5 Trigger – Once I get some additional trigger time on this gun I can give a more accurate review on how the trigger performed.

•  1911 Style Grip Reduction – You can achieve a higher grip on this gun due to the fact that they removed some material from the rear of the trigger guard. They have also stippled along the bottom of the trigger guard as a reference point for your grip.

Axelson Tactical 'AXE 19' Custom Glock: Quick Look

•  Custom Stippling for Concealed Carry – The stippling that comes on the frame of this gun is damn near perfect. The attention to detail is apparent when you look at the grip. The one side of the gun grip has the Axelson Tactical logo in the center of the stippling. There is also stippling for the support hand thumb to rest on.

Axelson Tactical 'AXE 19' Custom Glock: Quick Look

Axelson Tactical 'AXE 19' Custom Glock: Quick Look

•  Extra Cocking Serrations on rear and top of slide – These additional cocking serrations at the top of the slide assist with pulling the slide back for field stripping the gun or press checking.

•  Trijicon HD Sights – The sights used are what you would expect from Trijicon. These HD sights really stand out in low light, especially the front sight.

Axelson Tactical 'AXE 19' Custom Glock: Quick Look

•  Battle Distressed Cerakote – The AXE 19 has a similar battle distressed look on the slide as the AXE 17. This adds a really unique look to the gun. It also encompasses the battle hardened look that many of our American Patriots display when they are down range bringing the fight to our enemies.

Axelson Tactical 'AXE 19' Custom Glock: Quick Look

Stay tuned for a full range report on both the AXE 17 and this gun, the AXE 19.


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