Axelson Tactical and Hurricane Group, and Cabela’s have teamed up to raise money for hurricane relief.  We gave you a tabletop look of this rifle here.  this rifle is truly a piece of art.  Aesthetically and physically the rifle was built with purpose. It is truly a dream build.

6.5mm Creedmoor is not a round that I typically shoot.  Fortunately the cause brought support from Nosler, Freedom Munitions, and Prime Ammunition.  Between those three juggernauts we had a variety of loads to try in the rifle.  Nosler donated enough to get a feel for the rifle and Nikon X1000 sighted in.  Freedom Munitions and Prime Ammunition provided different loads to give us a balanced test.

If you’re not much of the reading type here’s a collage of awesomeness.

A Hurricane Collage of features

The rifle can certainly out-shoot us.  We did our best with each load, testing for mode accuracy.  If you’re not familiar with this method the intent is to find the common, or mode, of the grouping.  Two shooters each fire five shots of each load for a total of ten shots per load.  This helps make the outliers and “flyers” more apparent and show the real, expected accuracy.  Take a look in the video below to see how the rifle did and also hear two different opinions on the shooting experience.

For more information about Axelson Tactical check out their website here.  Stay tuned for more information about this rifle and its cause.  I have to return this rifle, but am already eating ramen noodles to save for the raffle!

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