Axelson Tactical was founded in part to remember fallen Navy SEAL Matt Axelson and in part to make high quality guns and gear for demanding shooters. Their mission is to provide gear and guns that shooters won’t have to stress or worry about failing. They believe the last thing shooters need to be worrying about is their gear. Their memorial rifles is what they are most known for. They also produce a variety of different muzzle devices for both the AR and AK platform. I’ve had the opportunity to receive two Axelson Tactical muzzle devices. The Roc Competition muzzle brake and the Blast Shield.

Examining the Axelson Tactical Muzzle Devices

The Roc Competition Muzzle Brake

The Axelson Tactical Roc Competition muzzle brake is designed for for competitions like 3 Gun. Different leagues have different rule sets, but this brake is legal under 3 Gun Nation and USPSA rules for all competition categories. This means it’s less than 3 inches long, and less than 1 inch in diameter.

Axelson Tactical Muzzle Devices
Tunable Ports

What sets the Axelson Tactical Roc competition brake apart from every other muzzle brake out there is the fact you can ‘tune’ the device. A little bit of customization goes a long way and makes sense. Think about it, most ARs are different, all shooters are different, situations are all different, and different kinds of ammo acts differently. The ability to tune this device allows you customize it for you, your gun, and the ammo you are running.

The Roc features 10 micro ports that can be tuned by removing tuning screws. These screws are removed via a simple hex key and I imagine with some experimentation I’ll find the perfect amount of go for the brake. There are six additional ports on the side of the brake for recoil reduction.

Axelson Tactical Muzzle Devices

Axelson Tactical Muzzle device

Axelson Tactical Muzzle Devices

Blast Shield

A blast shield is designed for close quarters shooting pure and simple. In close quarters shooting accuracy is almost always second to speed. With that in mind fighting from room to room accuracy means you aim for the heart and if you miss you still hit the target in the chest. So enhanced recoil and muzzle rise aren’t a major concern.

Axelson Tactical Muzzle Devices

What is a concern is your personal safety, and your ability to perceive is more important than utmost accuracy. The Axelson Tactical Blast Shield redirects sound and concussion forward of the shooter. It doesn’t eliminate any of these effects, it simply throws them away from the shooter.

This Blast Shield easily fits on and off a rifle in less than a minute, and it allows shooters to be ready for a variety of situations in a breeze. This QD device fits over a standard mil spec A2 style flash hider and takes about 30 seconds to install.

Axelson Tactical Muzzle Devices

Both of the Axelson Tactical muzzle devices feel and look awesome. They are both made from steel and have blast nitride finish. Only the future will tell just how strong and durable they are. Stick around for the full review and we’ll go over just how these devices can do for you and your rifles.