The Axelson Tactical ROC Muzzle brake took me some time to get used to. I’m not gonna lie, while I was impressed by the quality of the muzzle brake I didn’t think tuning a brake was a real thing. I was, however, willing to experiment. The ROC Muzzle brake is more than a gimmick. The ability to tune the brake offer shooters a significant advantage over a flash suppressor

Tuning the Axelson Tactical ROC 

When it comes to tuning the ROC muzzle brake you need to experiment with that works for you. For me, the recoil impulse from my rifle was up and to the left. No doubt the AR-15 is not a heavy recoiling or rapidly rising rifle. It can be fired rapidly comfortably. However, for most competition shooters every little advantage is helpful. Competitions can be decided by fractions of a second. The ROC competition brake allows you to remain on target with minimal movement.

Axelson Tactical ROC Muzzle Brake
See the Jets?

To tune my ROC brake for the recoil impulse I have, I removed 4 of the removable tuning screws. These were the furthest four to the left. With these four tuning screws removed the barrel simply stopped moving. Almost all noticeable recoil and muzzle rise is completely eliminated.  

Axelson Tactical ROC Muzzle BrakeThe ROC muzzle brake performs impressively. Removing the tuning screws was simple, and could be done at the range. The biggest problem was not losing the tuning screws when they are removed. The ROC muzzle brake is a hybrid brake and compensator that isn’t afraid of a little flash and noise to accomplish its goal.

Axelson Tactical ROC Muzzle Brake
Tuning the Brake with an Allen Wrench

The Axelson Tactical ROC muzzle brake is well designed and the tunable screws cannot actually get in the way of the projectile leaving the barrel. They bottom out well before that becomes an issue.

Axelson Tactical ROC Muzzle Brake
Notice the Left side ports bleeding off gass


Like any brake, you don’t want to take this bad boy to an indoor range. If you do your fellow shooters will absolutely hate you. The concussion is absolutely brutal for the person to the left and right to you. The brake makes shooting ridiculously loud and is best left for outdoor ranges. There is also a ton of flash in low light conditions, however, it does make for cool pictures. This isn’t a model I’d use with a self-defense rifle due to the bright muzzle flash. However, if you toss the Axelson Tactical Blast Shield over it, the brake can serve dual roles. 

Axelson Tactical ROC Muzzle Brake

Tuned Up

The Axelson Tactical ROC muzzle brake does give me a substantial advantage over the standard A2 flash hider. The ROC muzzle brake is more than a gimmick and is a well-made piece of gear that has given my rifle a deserved edge. Get one here.