Team Never Quit Ammunition has designed and manufactured a frangible round to be used for both training and personal defense. These rounds offer some key advantages over the traditional full metal jacket ammunition. Lead exposure is one issue resolved with frangible ammunition. The full metal jacket round is manufactured with a lead core and copper jacket (frangible ammunition is made from a compressed copper powder). The other, more obvious reason is to prevent ricochet. Frangible ammunition, when fired at a steel target will crumble to pieces due to the material composition (softer). Another added benefit is that by using frangible ammunition you will increase the life of your steel targets, and stands.

Team Never Quit Ammunition can be purchased through Axelson Tactical and it’s 100% American made. A percentage of all revenue goes to the Lone Survivor foundation started by retired Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell.

Axelson Tactical ( in partnership with Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit ammo is launching a Customer Appreciation and Memorial Day Sale – 25% off of Team Never Quit Ammo now through the end of the month.  Use Discount Code AXE when you get to the Cart.