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The new normal is not the junkie in the parking garage with a switchblade—though they still exist. Rather, it’s an organized attack consisting of one or several assailants wielding long arms and backup handguns. In this era of self-rescue, do you really think the subcompact .380 ACP tucked in your pocket will compete against rifle-caliber bullets? Is it really enough gun? If you’re wise, you would realize that a .380 is a getaway gun used to get yourself and others out of a situation and to safety. It’s not what you want in a running gunfight.

Suppose for a moment that you’re in a sprawling mall trapped between the hip clothing store and a card shop, and that smell of cinnamon buns is mixing with burnt gunpowder. Or you’re at work and that popping noise coming from the shop floor is not from a forklift. You never know when evil will visit, and any gun is better than no gun in those situations. Some guns are better.

“Firepower” and “discreet” are not words typically used in the same description. Firepower implies a large weapon, and discreet means small and inconspicuous. They do not necessarily go together—until you look at the TAC2 “Ultimate Man Bag” AR pistol. Within seconds, you can go from a victim at a shopping mall to a protector with enough firepower to fight back. The TAC2 brings AR-15 style to a new level of compactness. It carries a takedown AR-15 pistol in a bag that’s smaller than a standard laptop computer carrying case. The bag looks like an ordinary man purse, but in less than a minute, you can have a fully functional AR-15 pistol at the ready.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life