The world of firearm customization has grown massively in the last few years. People are bored of black guns and want something new. We’ve seen the rise of Duracoat, Cerakote, and even hydro dipping. Most of the time to get these services done you have to send your gun away and wait and wait, and wait. Some shops are surely better than others, but if you don’t want to send your gun off there is a way to do a little customization. Or do a lot, I’m not your mom, you do you. The method we are talking about comes from a company known as Gun Skins.

Gun Skins?

Guns Skins is a company that produces adhesive designs for your guns, magazines, tools, and accessories. Normally I’d be a bit suspicious about an adhesive anything on my guns and gun gear. I’d wonder just how long it would work, and just how long it’d take to remove all that crap if it started rusting and chipping. However, I received a free Gun Skin magazine wrap at 2017’s SHOT Show and it hasn’t aged a day. It’s a simple Gen 2 PMAG that sits in the carry and use rotation normally.

gun skins

Gun Skins are pre-cut for different systems. They are designed for ARs, Shotguns, AKs, magazines, scopes and a lot more. Installation is simple. You peel the adhesive design from the panel, attach directed and apply heat. I’ve only done this with magazines, but the process was simple and I just used my stove and a homemade contraption. (At very low heat.)

This year I went full America and utilized my Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Response bag to give produce a bag full of freedom. The magazines are Daniel Defense DD 32 rounders. I love these magazines and hope to do some extensive torture testing soon.

The designs fit just about every standard AR magazine. The only outlier being the ETS AR 15 magazines due to the built-in coupler.


This is a simple and easy way to add a little flair to your gun. While the Jury may still be out on decking out a full rifle, I can attest that the magazine wraps worked as advertised. If something goes wrong there is a 5-year warranty against defects and I think that’s a brave stance for a company to take for an aesthetic upgrade. They aren’t for everyone, but they are for me.