We have an article written a few months back where we covered the survival shotgun. In that article we highlighted the items needed to use a single shot 12 gauge shotgun as a black powder rifle. That setup was based off of what Dave Canterbury of Self Reliance Outfitters uses. This concept makes your shotgun that much more versatile in a long term survival scenario. Being able to convert your shotgun into a black powder rifle will come in handy when you run out of 12 gauge shells, granted you need to have the black powder. The Pyrodex RS powder is easy to get from either your local outdoor store or online. Having a few of these containers on hand could pay off some day, plus it’s a fun skill to practice if you own a barrel break shotgun.

Check out the following videos as Dave Canterbury discusses both the black powder shotgun and the mindset of a 21st century Longhunter.

(featured image courtesy of wildernessoutfitters YouTube channel)