Realistically, when most of us investigate a bump in the night or answer an unexpected knock on the door, we do so with a home defense pistol and not a long gun. The reasons vary but are mostly due to the convenience and concealability a pistol provides. Shooing away the local Girl Scouts with a rifle in-hand is a sure way to get a visit from the boys in blue.

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For about a year, I’ve been using a High Speed Gear Inc. (HSGI) Slim-Grip padded pistol belt for my home defense needs. There are many different brands and styles of belts available, but this one is unique. The inner portion, or padding, of the belt is constructed of a soft, textured neoprene that provides a gel-like level of comfort. The belt is comfortable next to skin, over a T-shirt and boxers or over full flannel pajamas.

The neoprene adds a level of grip that is unlike any other low-profile belt on the market and keeps the belt in place, even when bending or stooping. Most padded pistol belts are constructed solely of high denier Cordura fabric, which is abrasive to skin and does a poor job staying put, often requiring some sort of anchor, such as suspenders or a leg strap attached to a holster. This is unneeded with the HSGI Slim-Grip belt.

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Why a Home Defense Belt?

Put simply, you can easily snap a home defense belt on over whatever you’re wearing (or not wearing) to bed and have everything you need to investigate a potential problem in and around your home.

If a strange knock at the door interrupts a late night TV show, the belt is easily donned and a bathrobe can be used to conceal it, leaving both hands free, while keeping your firearm instantly accessible. If the sound of glass breaking in your basement awakens you, snap on the belt and away you go with the tools you need.

Here is how I have my home defense belt set up.


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