Reviewing coffee seemed like an interesting concept. Its something I’ve never done before but I sure do enjoy drinking coffee. Who doesn’t start their day with heart racing levels of caffeine? I know I can’t. Battle Grounds Coffee Company was kind enough to send me three different blends in bean form. I never tried grinding my own beans but was curious to see the difference. To capitalize on that I also used a French Press over a Mr. Coffee after hearing good things. Battle Grounds Coffee sent me Day Breacher. White Knuckle, and Hold Fast. For reference, I like my coffee like I like my Ops, Black. No sugar or creamer, or other poppycock horseshit was added, except for whiskey on late nights.

Battle Grounds Coffee Company - Grinding It

Hold Fast

Battle Grounds Coffee Company - Grinding It

I love dark coffee. I like being punched in the mouth with every sip and Hold Fast was my favorite of the three. Hold Fast has a rich flavor that’s somewhat chocolate like, like a bar of bitter chocolate. Chocolate mixed with tobacco maybe is the best way to describe it. This has been my morning go to and I use it to wake up and get moving. This Battle Grounds Coffee mixes the best with the aforementioned whiskey. Its what’s in my cup as we speak, or type, or whatever.

White Knuckle

Battle Grounds Coffee Company - Grinding ItWhite knuckle is an espresso blend which knew to me. Making an espresso correctly apparently, I needed some new tools. I borrowed an Aeropress Espresso maker and learned the ins and out of espresso and White Knuckle is certainly a caffeinated beast. This one tastes a lot like chocolate and it very smooth. I found out if you make it correctly it won’t be bitter, and that was a plus. My niche for this coffee was my project coffee. Need to finish something quickly with good focus? A double shot of White Knuckle. Got to get a story done? Need to finish an 80 lower build? Have to workout? Hit that White Knuckle and ride the Battle Grounds rollercoaster.

Day Breacher

Battle Grounds Coffee Company - Grinding It

Battle Grounds Coffee Day Breacher is appropriately named. I find it to be my midday cup of coffee. Day Breacher is not a kick in the mouth or a shot of espresso. This is just a deliciously smooth coffee. It’s sweet enough that even the “it needs a creamer” people in my life enjoyed it, before promptly turning it into a caramel/french vanilla abomination. Day Breacher naturally somewhat sweet and enjoyable just for a midday crash coffee. It’s a light brew with just a little kick to it. Day Breacher is great if you are a medium to light brew drinker, while I like my coffee darker the Day Breacher was still tasty and enjoyable.

Who Is Battle Grounds Coffee?

Battle Grounds Coffee is a Navy SEAL owned business that not only makes coffee to ship but owns a coffee shop. The owners, Salvatore and Dana DeFranco started the company in 2016 and have paired with numerous charities for both veteran and the homeless.

Battle Grounds Coffee Company - Grinding It

They are a premium coffee roaster and their brand shows it. The bags they package their coffee in are quite robust and airtight. I’ve had the coffee for over a month and have detected zero difference in flavor or aroma. This is perfect for people who like to stash coffee and experiment with different flavors and roasts.

Battle Grounds Coffee Company - Grinding It

You can give them a look here. 


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