Music has been an integral part of my life. When at the gym (I think most of you can agree), it can make the difference between getting that last rep up and falling short. I have always used music to harness the stresses of life and to build energy towards conquering my next objective. I think that most people on this site would be able to relate to using music before going for a long run or gearing up for patrol.  It gets you pumped and ready to take on the world.  Beats Headphones work well for anything from working out to using them to take a cat nap while waiting for transport. Either way, I wish that I had a pair of these earphones overseas.

What is the number one problem for most people that like music on the go and hitting the gym? It’s that damn cord that always gets in your way and rips the earbuds out of your ear when it gets caught mid-rep.  If you are like me and can’t afford the local CrossFit gym that lets you blast music during class then you are probably stuck listening to whatever the gym has on (which is usually too politically correct for me). The Powerbeats Wireless earphones by Beats address this annoying problem and lets you take back control of your music.  I can place my phone in my bag on the floor at the gym or leave in it my backpack during a run without having to worry about the cord snagging.  Personally, I have tested them out being up to thirty feet away before I started getting any interference with the sound.  The twelve-hour battery is another plus to being able to keep the music going at work all day.

There are many positive qualities to the Powerbeats besides just the sound they provide. I can easily use Siri to text and answer phone calls through the headphones, which keeps my hands free no matter what task I am performing. They have a very sleek design, three different size earbuds for comfort, and multiple colors so that you can customize them to whatever you like. For myself, it is also a big plus being able to use these while driving and talking on the phone.

Beats Headphones Review

The price for a pair of these earphones is a little steep running anywhere from $100 to $200. But think of how many pairs you have gone through until you have found the perfect pair.  Personally, I have gone through many pairs each lasting about a week or two before they were destroyed or too annoying to deal with.  This was a great investment for me and I think there are many people on this site that will find them useful for taking your music wherever you go.

Author – Ben Villano served as an Infantryman and Team leader with 1stBN/1stMAR and deployed twice overseas during his four years of service.  Not one of your average super sneaky squirrels but still more than the average veteran.  After the military Ben is currently working as a 911 Paramedic in Northern California. Ben’s specialty is finding great gear with a small paycheck and a little bit of DIY to top it off. When Ben is not at work he is probably planning his upcoming wedding, drinking, or both.