Every day carry (EDC) blades have a multitude of practical uses, but what happens when you must rely on a knife for survival? This is where the Benchmade 915 Triage excels. The modified sheepsfoot blade, environment-resistant steel, carbide glass breaker, and safety cutter make the 915 Traige a valuable asset as a survival tool. However, the 915’s sharp edge and Axis locking mechanism also make it a handy folder for every day needs.


The 915 Triage features a satin-finished modified sheepsfoot blade of a unique steel: N680. N680 has excellent corrosion resistance, even in salt water. It also has strong wear resistance and edge retention properties. Benchmade’s 915 Triage features a modified sheepsfoot blade shape, which provides a long cutting edge (3.5in) and a rounded tip (which is valuable in avoiding injuring someone in the application of cutting something near their skin, such as, removing clothing from the site of an injury). Benchmade’s 30°-30° v-grind gives the 915 Triage a sharp, but durable edge.

Opposite the main blade is a safety/strap cutter tucked into the grip. The hardy 440C steel isn’t as environmentally resistant as the main blade’s N680 steel, but it features a protective black Cerakote coating as a corrosion resistance aid. The hook shaped strap cutter is two inches in length, but its edge is .5in across. The flat grind on the 440C gives the cutter a sharp, lasting edge.

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(Featured image courtesy of blademerchant.com)