Benchmade is maintaining a blistering pace of new product releases with news of the 818 Mini Loco. The new knife shrinks the original 808 Loco down to a more carry-friendly iteration of the premium tactical folder.

With a blade length of 3.4 inches and a 4.5 oz. weight, there is hardly anything ‘mini’ about the 818. But fans of the 808 will appreciate the two-ounce weight savings versus the original. The reduced weight comes with a minimal loss of cutting-edge, too – there’s just a .3-inch difference between the 818 and the full-sized Loco.

Visually, Benchmade kept almost every detail on the 818 the same as its bigger brother. It sports the same Osborne 940-esque reverse tanto blade shape, S30V steel, and ambidextrous thumb oval as the original. It’s outfitted with the increasingly common deep carry clip to maximize the benefits of the trimmed down package. As is also the case on the original, full stainless steel liners contribute to the heft and increase durability.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News